One advantage of living in the Buffalo area is the many wonderful places to visit within only a few hours drive. WNY Family took part in an “Empire State Road Trip” to three awesome destinations — Chautauqua Lake, Watkins Glen, & the Thousand Islands Read more

Date night is an excellent time to connect with your partner, but getting out requires childcare. The SAHDN (stay at home date night) offers quality time with your partner without the hassle or the expense of a sitter. Read more

There is no denying that there are differences between how moms and dads parent their kids. Just because dads may do things differently than moms doesn’t mean their parenting style is less beneficial to kids. Read more

They say there are no dumb questions. They are wrong. There are, in fact, many dumb questions. In the spirit of conscious parenting and minimizing the urge to stab myself with a Lego, I’ve composed a list of dumb questions to stop asking my kids. Read more

As I am wrapping up this column, the President announced an extension of the “stay at home” order. We could be looking at more social distancing and life in quarantine. We could all use a much-needed escape from reality. Read more

As a work-from-home mom raising two sons, finding dedicated time to focus during the summer months is usually fraught with frustration. Then I landed on a gem of an idea that turned into a brilliant way for me to rescue my work day. Read more

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