The wise old suggestion to save 10 percent & give 10 percent of our income are admirable goals, but nearly impossible for many single parents. Single mothers are the least likely group to save because a large percentage earn below poverty level. more

You ask your kids what happened at school today. Your son mumbles, “Nothing,” in his casual kind of way. Before you can follow up, your daughter chimes in “I hate Maddie. She told Sarah she thinks my hair is ugly. They’re not my friends anymore. more

When you were in school, kids passed flirtatious or even racy notes to people they liked. Now add a cellphone with a camera and Internet access to that scenario. Suddenly, the scene is set for sexting. more

The Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum is pleased to announce that their Education Director Megan Hahin will be awarded the “Engaging Communities Award" for our "STEM Classes" as part of the Museum Association of New York’s 2018 conference "Visioning more


No parent plans to raise an unkind, much less a cruel, child. In fact, most of us put considerable effort into polishing our children’s manners and teaching them to respect other people. Unfortunately, many of those lessons are being undercut online. more

Every February 14th, thousands of students celebrate Valentine’s Day with a classroom party. They exchange Valentine’s cards, make a craft, and play a few games. more

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