Lumiere was rescued on April 6, 2017 after he was found dehydrated and malnourished at just 1 month old. After many months of rehabilitation, the Aquarium has been chosen as his new home. Read more


Whether you couldn’t find a sitter for New Year’s Eve or you just don’t feel like fighting holiday traffic, you can still have a fun, kid-friendly celebration. We’ve gathered a few family friendly ideas to help you ring in 2019. Read more

Want to experience a more joyful Christmas season this year that doesn’t leave you depleted, miserable and broke? Here are 10 ways to shift your perspective and take command of this “hap-happiest” time of the year. Read more

Explore & More’s new building is up at Canalside, and the first exhibits are starting to arrive this month, making the community’s vision of bringing family friendly activities to the waterfront that much closer to reality. Read more

Audiences will be able to relive the magic of the entire film in high-definition on a 40-foot screen while hearing the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra perform John Williams’ unforgettable score live. Read more


“What exactly is the right age to give your son or daughter a smartphone?” This is one of those questions that seems to come up almost every time I have a conversation with a group of parents around technology use. Read more

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