They say there are no dumb questions. They are wrong. There are, in fact, many dumb questions. In the spirit of conscious parenting and minimizing the urge to stab myself with a Lego, I’ve composed a list of dumb questions to stop asking my kids. Read more

As I am wrapping up this column, the President announced an extension of the “stay at home” order. We could be looking at more social distancing and life in quarantine. We could all use a much-needed escape from reality. Read more

As a work-from-home mom raising two sons, finding dedicated time to focus during the summer months is usually fraught with frustration. Then I landed on a gem of an idea that turned into a brilliant way for me to rescue my work day. Read more

While some disabilities demand recognition via a wheelchair or hearing aid, others are more subtle. But that doesn’t make them any less real. Known as invisible disabilities, they affect 96% of people who have a chronic medical condition. Read more

When you’re spending hours at home it doesn’t take long for kids to start suffering from “Too Much Togetherness.” Let me introduce you to a tool that helps my family not only survive but actually enjoy extended time at home. I call it “Kid Stations." Read more

While social distancing is a necessary way to stem the coronavirus outbreak, many parents have been left floundering for ways to keep their kids occupied at home as they count the minutes for their day-to-day routine to go back to normal. Read more

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