Pam Molnar

In a recent American Time Use Survey, it was discovered that families spent more time watching TV than they did socializing and communicating with their family and friends on Thanksgiving. Rein them in this year with some old fashioned games. Read more

The years seem to pick up speed as your child gets older. Don’t let those years go by in a blur. Capture the first day of school with a tradition the kids will look forward to every year. Read more

Throughout the school year, kids wish for the freedom of summer. They envision days filled with fun activities and friends to share them with. Unfortunately, the friends aren’t always available. It isn’t long before you will hear, “I’m bored.” Read more

Students (and often their parents) can’t wait to hear the last bell ring before summer break. They say goodbye to early mornings and their rigid routine. But as a mother, I can tell you that several weeks routine free can be tough. Read more

Every February 14th, thousands of students celebrate Valentine’s Day with a classroom party. They exchange Valentine’s cards, make a craft, and play a few games. Read more

If you are lucky enough to experience all four seasons, you know that winter can sometimes be a drag. The cold and snow feel relentless, leaving us to wonder if we will ever see summer again. Read more

Winter is a tough time to host a birthday party. It’s cold and generally unpleasant outside, forcing you to be creative with your indoor party theme. This year, embrace the chilly weather by hosting a Winter Wonderland party. Read more