Mike Daugherty

Around this time last year, this column featured the latest toys and tech that had captured the hearts of children for the holiday season. I say we focus on the other half of the equation: The parents! Read more

Perspective plays a pivotal role in the conversation surrounding self-image and social media. Older generations see a clear separation between their lives online and offline. Fast forward twenty-five years. The online landscape is entirely different. Read more

Hollywood glorifys the mysterious, mischevious life of a computer hacker. It's easy to see how a youngster could be persuaded into believing this perception is a reality. Parents can help their amateur hackers avoid pitfalls and find success. Read more

Summer is here. Time to put the excuses on the shelf and get yourself to a better place for you and your kids! Trying to figure out where to start first can be a daunting task. Technology can help. Here are a few apps that helped me along the way. Read more

The first text message was sent 26 years ago. Today, almost 26 billion messages flow across the networks every day. These short, quick messages have become the preferred method of communication for many adults, but even more so, with our children. Read more

Advances in technology along with affordable access to smart internet-connected devices are the driving force behind a revolution across the globe. Some academics refer to this as the start of the fourth industrial revolution or second machine age. Read more

Until a few years ago, I had never bothered to listen to a podcast. I assumed podcasts were similar to National Public Radio, but for hipsters and nerds. This assumption couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Read more

“What exactly is the right age to give your son or daughter a smartphone?” This is one of those questions that seems to come up almost every time I have a conversation with a group of parents around technology use. Read more

Are you the parent of a child between the ages of 8 & 25? If so, you’ve probably heard them say the F-word. They say it in class, at dinner & even in church. I’m not talking about THE F-word. No, I’m talking about the other F word… Fortnite. Read more

The summer months consist of family vacations, sports camps, sleepovers, public pools, and relaxing around the house. For Generation Z, those activities directly encourage technology-based responses. Read more

Advances in technology have changed the landscape of summer break. Why leave the house when you can chat with your friends, see their photos, comment on their posts — all from your smartphone? Read more

Smartphone apps have become a mainstay in recent years. These tools allow you to do things like ordering your coffee in advance, check in for a haircut, and map your way to a soccer game. Not all apps are created with that same sense of helpfulness. Read more

In the hectic world of modern parenting, screen time is often used as a pseudo babysitter. The time spent online is often loosely supervised. You want to believe your child is making good choices, but do you know how they are spending their time? Read more