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The New Year is traditionally the time for resolutions and in keeping with tradition I am resolving to be more mindful while traveling to avoid losing or misplacing vital items. My experiences have lessons for all travelers. Read more

We raise our kids to be polite & respectful in person so why wouldn’t we stress those same values in the online environment? A digital citizenship contract can help you spell out your expectations of appropriate online behavior. Read more

When I received the invitation to my nephew’s, pirate party I was worried. The event was being held during the winter time at his house, so all the five-year-old kids would be cooped up. How would over 20 kids be entertained in a small area indoors? Read more

Around this time last year, this column featured the latest toys and tech that had captured the hearts of children for the holiday season. I say we focus on the other half of the equation: The parents! Read more

I didn’t grow up in a religious family. I didn’t know about the Christian symbolism of the season until I was a teenager and knew nothing of holidays celebrated by any other religion. Read more

This Christmas, why not give your child the gift of time by picking out an activity you can do together? Try one of these experience-gift ideas and pair it with a related fun item to go under the tree. Read more

What Pennsylvania city is known as the first capital of the United States, the birthplace of animal crackers, and a most popular chocolate candy? It is York, also known as the White Rose City, the symbol of England’s House of York. Read more

When we think of Thanksgiving, we naturally think of traditional roast turkey, pumpkin pie, & family gatherings. But if the day feels more like obligation, maybe its time to create a more meaningful Thanksgiving tailored just for your special crowd. Read more

Kid’s clothes are expensive. Foster parents are acutely aware of this. Erin Richael, Cheryl Flick, and Kara Brody, all foster parents themselves, decided to start Foster Love Closet, since they knew firsthand about the costs involved in fostering. Read more

We all come to parenthood with a certain set of expectations and assumptions about raising kids. Naturally, we assume our partner will share our healthy outlook. That is, until we find ourselves butting heads in the midst of a heated child-rearing di Read more

Fall is back to school time — and a great time to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). Learning knows no season, but each season brings its own ways to interact with STEAM activities. Read more

When I was a child, the anticipation of Halloween night was unbearable for me. By junior high school started, it was no longer cool to go door-to-door asking for candy. By high school, most of my friends were assigned to doorbell management. Read more

Raising engaged students is not only the responsibility of the teachers and the administrators at your school, it’s a job that starts at home with every parent. Read more

Emotions and expectations are running high, and then, guess what comes home along with the report about how the first day went? A deluge of paper, that’s what. And this is only the beginning. Read more

Perspective plays a pivotal role in the conversation surrounding self-image and social media. Older generations see a clear separation between their lives online and offline. Fast forward twenty-five years. The online landscape is entirely different. Read more

Genesee Country Village & Museum in Mumford, 20 miles from Rochester and a little more than an hour from Buffalo, is the largest living history museum in New York State and one of the gems of Western New York. Read more

You know it — the never-ending battle of your son’s messy room. His room isn’t like other children’s, though. Kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) have a hard time getting organized and staying organized. Read more

When excitement fades and the thrill of a trip to the pool wears off, I begin to notice the first signs of summer boredom settling in. Something has to be done to battle the boredom. Read more

I have affectionately obtained a not so subtle nickname in my house — “Sugar Police.” I don’t take it personally; as a matter of fact I kind of enjoy the reverie of conversation and the dialogue we’ve created around it all. Read more

Hollywood glorifys the mysterious, mischevious life of a computer hacker. It's easy to see how a youngster could be persuaded into believing this perception is a reality. Parents can help their amateur hackers avoid pitfalls and find success. Read more

Whether you’re traveling across the state to visit relatives or across the country for a weeklong vacation, your family road trip will go smoother if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Read more