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“What exactly is the right age to give your son or daughter a smartphone?” This is one of those questions that seems to come up almost every time I have a conversation with a group of parents around technology use. more

In a recent American Time Use Survey, it was discovered that families spent more time watching TV than they did socializing and communicating with their family and friends on Thanksgiving. Rein them in this year with some old fashioned games. more

Giving back to others tops the list of life lessons we’ve tried to teach our two boys since they were little. Sometimes we did this as a family, other times, it was a solo effort. But the net result? We infused our family with the spirit of giving. more

Teens can be reckless, self-centered, impulsive, and impatient. It is no wonder an otherwise calm and reasonable parent can lose her cool. more

Are you the parent of a child between the ages of 8 & 25? If so, you’ve probably heard them say the F-word. They say it in class, at dinner & even in church. I’m not talking about THE F-word. No, I’m talking about the other F word… Fortnite. more

Whether you’re planning a bountiful harvest party or a small family festival, you may want to consider these craft, game, and food suggestions. They can also be incorporated into Halloween festivities. more

Back to school preparations go beyond school clothes purchases and new backpacks filled with #2 pencils and spiral notebooks. Creating & supporting the habits of life-long learners is the best investment you can make in your child’s academic success. more

Most parents give their kids a regular allowance; some a few dollars a week, others substantially more. But is that advisable and, if it is, at what age should you start giving it to them and how much should you give? more

One of my friends vanished quite suddenly from my life just as we were beginning junior high. She started distancing herself & hanging out with people not from our neighborhood. It soon became apparent that my friend was involved with a bad crowd. more

The Thousand Islands along the mighty St. Lawrence River are a water lover’s mecca. With 1,864 islands and multiple fun ways to view and experience the river, this region attracts visitors from around the world. more

The years seem to pick up speed as your child gets older. Don’t let those years go by in a blur. Capture the first day of school with a tradition the kids will look forward to every year. more

Throughout the school year, kids wish for the freedom of summer. They envision days filled with fun activities and friends to share them with. Unfortunately, the friends aren’t always available. It isn’t long before you will hear, “I’m bored.” more

The summer months consist of family vacations, sports camps, sleepovers, public pools, and relaxing around the house. For Generation Z, those activities directly encourage technology-based responses. more

July is the month where we can celebrate with activities that will perk your child’s interest in all things patriotic. more

Students (and often their parents) can’t wait to hear the last bell ring before summer break. They say goodbye to early mornings and their rigid routine. But as a mother, I can tell you that several weeks routine free can be tough. more

Peruse the greeting card section around Father’s Day & you’ll find the shelves bursting with stereotypes about dads. While we may love to poke fun at his expense, we have more reasons to appreciate dear old Dad besides how handy he is with a wrench. more

Most parents want their children to get outside away from phones, TV, and video games, and gardening is a great way to achieve this goal. However, recent research shows that there are several other reasons to start a garden with kids. more

Advances in technology have changed the landscape of summer break. Why leave the house when you can chat with your friends, see their photos, comment on their posts — all from your smartphone? more

Is your child an extremely picky eater? Are you concerned that your child resists trying new foods or eats a limited number of foods? Having a child who doesn’t eat, or who seems to exist on the “beige food diet” can make mealtimes very stressful. more

Smartphone apps have become a mainstay in recent years. These tools allow you to do things like ordering your coffee in advance, check in for a haircut, and map your way to a soccer game. Not all apps are created with that same sense of helpfulness. more