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To add your own event, fill out the form and click the "Submit Event" button below. PLEASE NOTE: The calendar is designed to feature events presented by cultural and community organizations, non-profits, and support groups. We do not publish events submitted by for-profit businesses; school, camp or childcare open houses. Occasional exceptions are made when a business or other entity offers a unique, unusual or FREE event. Our calendar focuses on events that are APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN and/or children with their families. Be sure to include the event details RELATED TO CHILDREN if you want to increase he chances of your event being posted. If you do not want children at your event, or your event is not appropriate for children, then your item should NOT be submitted unless it is in some way related to parenting or family relationships, i.e., a workshop for parents on special education; a lecture by a child psychologist on preventing bullying, or an adult fundraiser for a child-related charity, etc.

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